Admission Policy

BCA Education (hereafter BCA Education) has published this policy on 15 MAY 2023 in the interest of students to read and adhare during their academic tenure. Students who have taken admission in BCA Education or any of the college’s extension centre shall be automatically abide by this policy. Use of “He” in the policy is for both the genders Male and Female.


He has gone through the prospectus and the official policies available on College’s website

He has ensured that he is eligible to the program to which he proposes to take admission and that if it is found otherwise, (that is, if he is found not to be fulfilling the conditions of the eligibility at any time as per the rules mentioned in the prospectus or the on-line narrations) his admission will be summarily cancelled and the fees paid to the university and/or college will not be refunded in part or in full. He further solemnly declares that he shall abide by all the rules, procedure, processes and other requirements mentioned in the prospectus and through the circulars including those disseminated through the website of the University and/or college.

The information about the medium/mode of delivery of the Study Material (for example printed books, e-books, mobile app, audio/video material available on the internet or through CD/DVD, etc) has been duly studied by me in the relevant pages of the prospectus and I have no objection to the said mode of delivery. He shall not make any demands on the methods or medium of delivery other than that mentioned in the University/ College prospectus.

He shall make any representations to the university/college by logging on as a student in respect of any activities of grievances within a period of thirty days from the date of cause of the grievances or by an email to the university at the designated email address.

He understands that the University/College reserves the right to make changes in the rules or syllabi or learning material or any other policy matter as a matter of urgency and that such changes in the rules, syllabi or policy matters shall be binding and applicable on him and that he shall not make objections to such changes.

He shall not change his mobile number as registered with the University/College/SC during the time of admission to the program.And in case of any changes he should write an formal application to the college submitted by email and obtain proper update notification from the college authorities. The College will inform important notifications only to the student through his mobile number or through email alloted by college.

He understands that the University/College/SC shall levy charges on changes in profiles of the student, including the photograph, mobile number, date of birth, etc. He understands that in case the University/College does not receive the fees from the Government or Private institution (in the case of Bank Loans, Scholarship or Free-ship candidates), the student may be barred from taking examinations and his results shall not be declared until such time that the fees have been received.

He understands that any incorrect or incomplete information given by him is liable to cancellation of his admission or withdrawal of degree or diploma awarded to him as and when the university gets to know of such supply of incomplete or incorrect information.

He shall visit the BCA Education website ( regularly and undertake necessary steps for academic and administrative purposes as expected from him including downloading of the examination hall ticket and printing the same. He understands that the component of fee which is extra then the fee prescribed by the University for the programme is considered as the mutually agreed fee paid by the students for availing extra services/activities from the College such as coaching for out of university programme software, soft skills, library services, topics, educational tour, International certifications such as Adobe, Autodesk etc., Hostel, WIFI,Internet, Sports Academy fee, Social activity, extra Equipments use fee, Guest lectures and placement assistance. These services are beyond the scope of responsibilities of Information Center prescribed by the university.

He admits that such activities are optional and do not constitute part of study of the program.The college/sc has not forced him to avail the services mentioned in clause 11 and is totally availed by him after the due approval with his parents/guardian after the mutual agreement.

He admits that the college reserves the right to increase or decrease the extra service fee without any consent of university.

He admits that transfer from regular mode to distance mode is a sole discretion of college management and will be on the basis of students previous performance, attendance and university result. By default all the students who are studying in college shall be considered as Regular unless they received the college’s explicit letter of authorization in distance mode transfer.

He admits that college has full rights to stop,hold or cancel the extra services agreed in this agreement incase of any misconduct or fraud committed by the student during the admission. He admits that colleges have full rights to stop all placement assistance and non university services to the students for non adhering to the attendance policy, college programmes policy, portfolio, college assignments etc.

Admitted students are requested to check this page from time to time to get the latest information. College management will not inform any student or parent individually in the changes of academic policies.


  • Please read the student’s code of conduct at the time of admission to the college.
  • Students shall abide by the college’s code of conduct in force at the time of admission.
  • Students are required to adhere to the rules of the college failing which disciplinary action can be initiated against them.
  • False declaration of qualification(s) by the applicant/candidate will disqualify his/her admission from the college and university. This is in addition to attracting legal action against such students.
  • To receive the degree certificate after passing a university examination, the student is required to apply directly to the respective registrar (Evaluation) of the university in the prescribed procedure.
  • The college does not have a role, and cannot be held responsible.
  • In the case of university courses, details such as study material, books, exam dates, mark sheets, certificates from university etc., may take longer than expected. For the same, the college management cannot be held responsible.
  • University details such as their logo, relevant text, and trademarks on documents such as ID card, Hall ticket, question papers, answer sheets, mark-sheets, bona fide degrees, examination dates, timetable etc may change without prior notice to college for which the latter cannot take any responsibility.
  • Change /update , syllabus of any programs is a prerogative of the College/ University conducted to reflect industry requirements so as to keep students abreast with latest technological advancements. The college cannot be held responsible for the same.
  • Students without a college ID card are not allowed within the campus.
  • Late fees deposit is a subject of penalty as per the college’s policy.
  • Entry to labs or classrooms is restricted to students who arrive late.
  • College premises are under CCTV surveillance, it would be in the student’s interest to maintain decorum at all times.
  • Class attendance of 75% is compulsory in all the courses for semester/year/course end examination. Students who do not comply with it shall not allow any certification.
  • No eatables, solid or liquid are allowed in the labs and classrooms.
  • Use of tobacco, alcohol and similar substances on the college premises is considered a serious offence and as such is strictly not allowed.
  • Ragging of any kind, is strictly prohibited.
  • Laptop and pen-tablet after handing over the students will be the sole responsibility of the student only. College management will not entertain any issues related to software, hardware or performance after handing over the product to the student no return will be accepted.
  • Students need to pay the full payment of any damaged device or equipment or college infrastructure to its lowest cost according to market cost.

Learning and Disability Policy


This policy is intended to ensure that all students with learning disabilities have access to a quality education that meets their individual needs. The policy is based on the following principles:

  • All students have the right to a free and appropriate public education (FAPE).
  • Students with disabilities should be educated in the least restrictive environment (LRE).
  • We will not admit working students,Gap students and We do not have any special accomodations or facility for physically disabled students at our information center


The following are the responsibilities of the educational institute:

  • To identify and assess students with learning disabilities.
  • To develop Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) for students with learning disabilities.
  • To provide the supports and services identified in the IEPs.
  • To monitor the progress of students with learning disabilities and make adjustments to their IEPs as needed.
  • To monitor the progress of students with learning disabilities and make adjustments to their IEPs as needed.

The Role of Parents

Parents play a critical role in ensuring that their children with learning disabilities receive a quality education. The following are the responsibilities of parents:

  • To be involved in the identification and assessment process.
  • To participate in the development of the IEP.
  • To monitor their child's progress and make sure that the IEP is being implemented as agreed upon.
  • To advocate for their child's needs.